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Company Profile

Cantiere 1955G.I.E.M. has been working  for many years in promotion, design and implementation of important building structures in the tertiary sector - office, commercial and residential - in Puglia and particularly in the city of Bari.

Sede GiemEntrepreneurially born in the early ‘50s in the framework of the private residential construction boom, the family Lacarra gave birth in the last twenty years, to a group of companies with the continuous effort to draw and implement a high quality building product, technologically advanced and suited to meet the new needs by means of a continuous specialization and evolution of its operators and know-how.
Thanks to this policy and the ability to diversify and adapt to the requirements of the market G.I.E.M. can boast the recognition of seriousness and transparency by the business and financial market and a sudden increase in business volumes and profitability. This enables the Group to strengthen its presence in the construction sector with the aim of getting to maximum flexibility in a market facing a continuous evolution.

Progetto Casa LacarraThe company features now as as a “general contractor” in the management and coordination of all design and manufacturing stages in order to meet the specific needs of the end user with the result of the greatest specialization of construction projects and the optimization of execution, management and maintenance.