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Nel segno dell'evoluzione

INAIL BarlettaIn the early years GIEM develops the most part of residential building, mainly concentrated in the “BorgoMurat”, the financial and economic center of Bari.
There are at this time remarkable achievements intended for public use (such as for example, the Technical Institute “Marconi”, the Institute of Science S. Rosa, the detachment Command Fire Department at the Fiera del Levante).
These are the first important evidences about half a century of activity in construction, which were the impetus for the next Business Development of the Group.
The sign of the growth can be summarized mainly in the synergy created during 80-90 years between the Group and state agencies.
The design and implementation of new INAIL headquarters of Bari, Barletta and Monopoli and new headquarters in Bari of the Work Ministry and Office of the Treasury and the Archive State place GIEM as one of the leading construction companies.